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Habit Tracking | Embodying Purpose for Higher Self Ascension

An Online Course, eBook, & Journal to help you ascend to your higher self.

Choosing to live an intentional life is an important first step and commitment to truly living a life you desire.

Intentional planning time paired with the Habit Tracker will forecast success for you. Knowing the 9 actions, habits, tasks that, if implemented daily, weekly, monthly, will ascend your life to your higher purpose is so powerful. To be in flow with your money making tasks, your soul enlightening habits, as if natural, is the ultimate goal. Embodiment sessions paired with your tracker adds an essential element to your new practice of designing and committing to a life in service to your higher self.

What is the Habit Tracker? The Habit Tracker is an intentional planning tool one embodies in order to create a routine, and a lifestyle, of committing to the actions which will bring them closer to their higher self.

You are ready!

You will honor what you promise and commit to yourself.


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