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Discover YOUR

Human Design


A Modality of Radical Self ACCEPTANCE

An Embodiment of Purpose Within the Human Existence


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The Unconditional Self Love Journey and its IMPACT

Unconditional Self Love is an Online Course designed by Melanie of MellaMind (Releasing July 7th!) to help and guide Beautiful Souls of the earth to love themselves, thus raising the light and consciousness of our beautiful planet.


Self Love is the KEY to ALL! We've been taught that it is selfish, self centered, narcissus to LOVE OURSELVES all the while being led to seek such powerful love through all OUTSIDE sources. I am here to help you claim back your individuality and take back your power, to DISCOVER your Power within so that you too can vibrate on a higher consciousness within this realm.


The great thing about loving yourself Unconditionally is that once achieved, the energy curated expands throughout every space you step your beautiful self into! You radiate and raise the spirits of those around you and it is such a beautiful exchange! To truly meet yourself so you can be a "better" human for the world, how beautiful! I am honored to guide you!🥰


❤️Self Love is the foundation of all love! Everyday you are closer to Unconditional Self Love so long as you take the time with yourself to truly work towards it. (Always be learning! 🧠) When you commit to working on your Unconditional Self Love Journey, you are also committing to your Higher Self Ascension. What a blessing!

👁️That energy you put towards others, that love you send towards everyone else, turn it around to YOU, Beautiful Soul!

👑You are worthy! You are enough!

🧠Affirm it everyday until you believe it!

You are SO ready! 💕☀️

☀️ This offering from my soul is so important for the collective and I am beyond excited to offer such light to the world. May you truly Embody your own Unconditional Self Love, Beautiful Soul ❣️✨

I am SO excited for YOU!

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An Overview: 

Human design is forever and RICH with Insight! Receiving more than one reading is VERY common especially with how much Human Design covers. I am beyond excited to inform you of it all and help you integrate it. 

Human Design Clarity Reading (30m) Generally your FIRST Reading then whichever theme we choose for future readings (specific gate, specific channel, transit check in, Incarnation Cross, Reminder/ Refresher)

  • Profile Type

  • Strategy

  • Authority

  • Defined Centers

  • Undefined Centers

  • Conditioning Prompts

  • Not-Self Theme

  • Signature

  • A question to be answered intuitively during the reading. With your design and my highly Divine intuition, I am able to present to you the message you need to hear, the key you need to unlock the next version of yourself. The question is: What is the question? 

*Many ask along the lines of certain self habits (Why do I always begin things and never finish them?!", Love (Am I meant for love right now), Career (where to next in my career? How can I use my Design to make more Money?), Energy (Where is my energy used best right now?)

I will provide a 30 minute video for you to watch and replay at your leisure. Be sure to take notes and embody your discoveries!



                                           You are READY! 

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