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  • Night Beach Full Moon in Gemini Manifesting
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, Dec 07
    Location to be disclosed to space holders
    This went so well the past few months, let's make it even more amazing! ✨ Women gathering beneath the moon, in light of the moon, AFFIRMING their power! ✨
  • Inner Child Play- Art in the Park
    Sun, Dec 11
    Location is disclosed to space holders
    Come appease your inner child while meditating, practicing self love, embodying purpose, and enlightening your soul! Your inner child thanks you!! We’ll be coloring, painting on canvas, creating crafts, journaling, and growing together!


Fall Foliage

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MellaMind Presents


Self Love & Authenticity Events


Mindfulness and embodiment women's group activations.

An intentional and mindful approach to bringing forth your true self! 

We as women feel compelled to awaken our power within, There is more to this existence than what we've been guided to embody and endure. It's time to be our own guide, take our power, recognize our power, awaken  our power, and Stand solidly in our power. For in our power, we cannot be swayed. In our power as many, we illuminate where we take space. Women in Power is to ignite the illuminators. 

Challenge yourself and soul through an activation of power event or session. each event is curated to pull you out of your comfort zone and into alignment with your inner power. Your inner callings that which will ignite your soul's purpose on this planet. I am here to help activate, it's ALL with YOU!

It's all Yours. 


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