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White Sand and Stone

Welcome Here

How wonderful that our paths have crossed. That where you are in your timeline of life has led you to me upon your self discovery. I'm grateful and honored for the chance to meet you and guide you to the next level in your life. It's all within you, here, we awaken that power. Are you ready?  

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The Process 

You are Aware, you are Open, you are Free, you are: Ready. 

I am so excited for you to discover YOU. The first step is having the conversation of why you are here. What is holding you back from your Purpose? What made you look into a life coach? There are many options to initiate contact and curation of your future self. I encourage you to react to the impulse that brought you here. In this moment, our worlds have aligned, and I'm so honored by that. 

Wooden Hut

Initial Contact Session

Here we will allow our souls to connect and be sure our contact is indeed destined. You will speak of your ideals, transgressions, and philosophy of what is holding you back in this life time. This session is to gain understanding. 

Begin your journey in becoming YOU.
Choose your commitment level into the ascension of the next phase of your life: 

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