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October Full Moon Manifesting 

Night Beach With the Full Moon in Taurus Manifesting  🌕

October 27th, 2023 7:00PM
Newport Beach, CA

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This will be ONE of the final TWO full moons left hosted by MellaMind (Someone may carry on the tradition!) as I depart to embark on my travel adventures abroad! I hope many of you will be excited attend and feel the warmth of our Moon Community we have built every month over the last year!


Thank you so much to the Beautiful Souls who continue to show up for yourselves and for the community! Sending SO much LOVE! See you Soon Beneath the Powerful Full Moon!🌕

This went so well the past few months, let's continue to build our beautiful moon manifesting community!


✨ Beautiful Feminine Souls gathering beneath the moon, in light of the moon, AFFIRMING their power! ✨


RSVP & Tickets:


***Aspects of this event are everchanging, please completely read description before RSVPing***


One of my FAVORITE things to do is to go to the beach at night during a full moon and honor it. Honor the crashing dark waves as well as my beautiful existence in this beautiful life! Creating intentions in this energy is SO powerful!


I'd love to share this experience with You!


Please join me in welcoming the full moon and setting intentions for the weeks and months to come. Allow in your power that is needed to achieve such manifestations. It's all yours!


-Melanie of MellaMind


RSVP & Tickets:

We continue forward with the powerful Full Moon in Taurus!! Ahh what a wonderful time and energy to be in, it's time to claim YOU! Nothing beyond this Full Moon stays in your life that no longer serves. The Universe is powerfully aligning us to our HIGHEST potential! Stay aware, and be sure to not miss the signs! Join the other beautiful souls as we proclaim what is ours within the energy of us all along with the Full Moon!


✨ Use this energy to continue your path toward an intentional life where you are implementing the changes that will put your closer to your higher self. Affirm in the powerful energy of the moon what your intentions are as well as savor how you have grown this year. You've gotten through so much this year, and though we are always designing our lives, there's also an important practice in commending your growth. Embody gratitude this moon!


✨We'll be affirming intentions into the universe and to each other before moving into a guided meditation by me, Melanie. This meditation will be focused on self love and SOULFUL GREAT Love manifesting! Allowing love into your heart, into your being, brings you closer to nature, earth, Our Existence. Love is within us and is one with our beings. You are safe, you are whole, and you are lovable. You Can let love into your heart again (self love too!). I can't wait to honor each and one of you with the tools and vision into your self power for you to be able to walk away confidently into the next phase of your life. I believe in YOU! You will believe in you too! 💕


RSVP & Tickets:



🌕 I've put together multiple experience Options for you! Including a new Birth Chart Analysis option! 💕


*Moon Ritual Experience: Early Soul (Date Cutoff: October 23rd): ($11.11)

  • "Still Thinking" Soul (After October 23rd): ($16.11)

Add Moon Natal Chart Analysis Reading to any order: +$33


Pre Full Moon Natal Chart Reading

(In Person scheduled before event OR video download before event)

(Includes Moon Ritual Admission 2 Moon Points) $44

Receive a personalized overview of your birth/natal chart and gain insight on what is to come and how to prepare for the next ascension in your life. You’ll receive an overview of 6 of your key birth chart aspects plus what to research next on your birth chart and self exploration journey.


During check out include, birth date, birth time, and birth location. Reserve space now and send to Melanie before August 28th.


Please order Natal Chart as soon as you know you want one so I can have it completed by moon night. You may also buy this separately from moon events.

Exact location will be disclosed to confirmed RSVPs via email.


Please PLEASE try not to wait until the very last minute! 🤗 Especially upgraded packages. I need to get materials for the event AND those positive messages leading up to the event go a long way. I'd love to provide those to you within the right timing.


Please be on time (on mat towel/mat at 7:45 if possible!) as I will not be checking my phone after 7:55.

Arrive at 6:30/7PM for Sunset vibes, tarot readings, snack sharing, catching up with community! Our ceremony begins at 8. 

✨ See you soon beautiful soul! ✨

Full Moon

*Choose your moon experience options separately by adding each option to your cart. The "Full Moon in _____ Manifesting" is the base moon experience. 

Full Moon