October Full Moon Manifesting 

Night Beach Full "Hunter" Moon in Aries & Manifestations  🌕

October 9th, 2022 5:30PM
Newport Beach, CA

Women gathering beneath the moon, in light of the moon, AFFIRMING their power! ✨

One of my FAVORITE things to do is to go to the beach at night during a full moon and honor it. Honor the crashing dark waves as well as my beautiful existence in this beautiful life! Creating intentions in this energy is SO powerful!

I'd love to share this experience with You!


Please join me in welcoming the full moon and setting intentions for the weeks and months to come. Allow in your power that is needed to achieve such manifestations. It's all yours!


✨Last month we further solidified what it means to step into our POWER! We've been in planning and integration phase. Things are changing in life and as a collective, we are moving towards more powerful and prominent positions in our lives. The Universe aligned in the powerful Sturgeon Super Moon in Aquarius for you to be able to achieve all that is called from your mind and soul. In tandem, your ACTIONS are going to be SO important going forward! In a beautiful alliance, your soul and the Universe dance with this moon as the fruition of your power ignites.


~We meditated on the power within us and how we intend on going forward in such power. We brought our journals, ready to document new messages from the Universe and our intuition. We affirmed our intentions for the next weeks and rest of the months to come of 2022.

✨THIS TIME: We gather beneath the Harvest Pisces Full Moon with intention to empower the goals we set for the New Moon and the past month. Have your actions aligned with what you intended to put forth last month? You my be seeing the results of your intentional work! If not, it's okay, this moon in Pisces takes place during a Virgo Sun so we get the organized and collected energy of Virgo helping us to stay grounded and connected to our purpose rather than harping on the negatives.

~Expect the unexpected and don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit! Pisces, the constellation most connected to your dreams, intuition and inner voice. Unlike other Full Moons, which strengthen our connections with others, the Full Moon in Pisces helps us strengthen our connection with ourselves, if we allow it.


✨We'll be affirming intentions into the universe and to each other before moving into a guided meditation by me, Melanie. This mediation will be special as it's the area of my most expertise- self love! I can't wait to honor each and one of you with the tools and vision into your self power for you to be able to walk away confidently into the next phase of your life. I believe in YOU! You will believe in you too! 💕

🌕 I've put together 3 experiences for you! 💕
*Moon Ritual Experience: ($10)
*Special Moon Ritual Experience: Includes journal, pen, positive messages before event, goodie bag surprises. ($20)
*Powerful Moon Ritual Experience: Includes T HC pre-roll, journal, pen, positive messages before event, goodie bag surprises. ($30)

You can pay 1 of 3 ways:
*Venmo: @Mella- (Note what experience you'd like! Include your email)
*Via checking out for event on my websiteMellaMind.com/moon
*Via checking out on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/full-harvest-moon-in-pisces-night-beach-manifesting-self-power-love-tickets-407630583047

Exact location will be disclosed to confirmed RSVPs via email.

Please PLEASE try not to wait until the very last minute! 🤗 Especially upgraded packages. I need to get materials for the event AND those positive messages leading up to the event go a long way. I'd love to provide those to you within the right timing.

Please be on time (on mat towel/mat at 8:30 if possible!) as I will not be checking my phone after 8:45.

✨ See you soon beautiful soul! ✨

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