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Human Design/ Natal Astrology Business Branding Half Session

Human Design/ Natal Astrology Business Branding Half Session


Natal Chart Analysis Reading 


Welcome here! I am so glad you are ready to take your business and mindset to the next level!


I’m Melanie and with me you will be able to learn not only the actions it will take to build your business, but to also how embody the type of person who shows up for the actions and makes it HAPPEN! In our sessions, we turn dreams into a reality by itemizing and actualizing what needs to be accomplished for your business. By using the tools of Astrology and Human Design, we are equipped with even MORE insight into HOW to truly allow your business, your mindset, your LIFE to THRIVE! 


Running a business on your own can be tough AND Empowering! With my guidance, affirmations, the Universe, and guidance from your Birth chart and Human design chart, you will see a noticeable result in your mindset and energy expenditure towards your business and life. You’ll be able to embody the actions needed to succeed in your business as well as begin to be able to integrate your own systems and practices that are now aligned with YOU! 


Using your exact time of birth, date of birth, and location of birth, an in depth analysis using many variables within the universal charts is possible to help with the interpretation of You! Always take what resonates and leave what does not align with you. 


From there I step aside and watch you FLOURISH!


You are READY!


During check out include, birth date, birth time, birth location.


60 Minutes Zoom


Video sent to you


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