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Habit Tracking | Embodying Purpose for Higher Self Ascension 

An Online Course, eBook, & Journal to help you ascend to your higher self.


Choosing to live an intentional life is an important first step and commitment to truly living a life you desire. 

Intentional planning time paired with the Habit Tracker will forecast success for you. Knowing the 9 actions, habits, tasks that, if implemented daily, weekly, monthly, will ascend your life to your higher purpose is so powerful. To be in flow with your money making tasks, your soul enlightening habits, as if natural, is the ultimate goal. Embodiment sessions paired with your tracker adds an essential element to your new practice of designing and committing to a life in service to your higher self. 

What is the Habit Tracker? The Habit Tracker is an intentional planning tool one embodies in order to create a routine, and a lifestyle, of committing to the actions which will bring them closer to their higher self. 


You are ready!


You will honor what you promise and commit to yourself.

Habit Tracking | Embodying Purpose for Higher Self Ascension 

How wonderful that you are here to enrich your life! 


Choosing to live an intentional life is an important first step and commitment to truly living a life you desire. To face yourself and say “THIS is what I want, this is what I do not” in your life, is so powerful. To label the values and habits as “this is inherently mine, me” and “This is not mine, not me” is a helpful tool when figuring out where you want to be in life.


As a collective we are shifting towards a life, a way that is not outlined by those before us. We pave our own way and with intentional practices such as tracking one's habits, one can ensure that the life path will be much more lit in terms of knowledge of where you go.


Setting aside Thinking Time, Planning Time, Self Time, Tracking Time, and Analysis and Feedback Time will all be powerful tools going forward. Whether it’s 30 minutes a day, 1 hour, 4 hours per month, find your Time to fit in these different thinking and planning habits. Reminding yourself that if it is not on the calendar, if it’s not written down, it does not exist. It’s in the air, it’s a dream!


Let’s turn your dream into reality!


By the end of this book you will have a better idea of where you are going in your life path, WHY, and exactly HOW as well! Know that you don’t need to know ALL of the answers, but by setting aside time to itemize, embody, and commit to the actions you need to in order to achieve the life you desire, by design.


You are ready! I’m so excited for you!


~Melanie of MellaMind

You May Learn

Along This Course


This course and program are self paced and gauged on a self learning spectrum basis. An eBook, along with an accompanying online course, with your yearly Habit Tracking to Ascension Journal Workbook are designed to keep you ON TRACK to implementing and committing to your goals. With the three assisting you on your journey, you'll learn your limiting beliefs, lacking habits, as well as habits that will ascend you to your higher purpose.


Remember that everything you want and desire are within you, I am simply your guide. 

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