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FREE Habit Tracking Embodiment Workshop February 24th!

Hi everyone! Let’s Live Intentionally! 2023 is All Yours! I'm offering my guidance and expertise about the importance of labeling, building, and tracking habits. Your daily habits are actively creating who you are becoming. Join the front seat of planning your destiny as you commit to the tasks that will bring you to your Higher Self! You are ready! Let's grow together!

In this class, we will:

  1. Label and assess goals within different areas of life.

  2. Pinpoint what separate actions each category needs in order to excel.

  3. Plan each action on schedule for the coming days, months, and eventually years.

  4. Introduce the Habit Tracker to daily schedule as we integrate tracking 9 core tasks daily (or every other daily, every 3 days, etc.)

  5. Walk away with a purpose, a goal, a vision, an Actualization Plan of Action.

This class is free and I'll provide materials! Just show up with your goals in mind, ready to tackle them and gain insight and vision. Bring colorful pens/markers, a journal/ scratch paper, any scents or visions you'd like around during your habit tracking embodiment.

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