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Habit Tracking for Ascension to Higher Self Free Workshop on YouTube

Hi Beautiful Souls! Let’s Live Intentionally! 2023 is All Yours! I'm offering my guidance and expertise about the importance of labeling, building, and tracking habits. Your daily habits are actively creating who you are becoming. Join the front seat of planning your destiny as you commit to the tasks that will bring you to your Higher Self! You are ready! Let's grow together!

Have you been seeking structure in your life? Is it time to step out of the comfort zone but you don't know where to begin? Are you in need of a mindfulness session highlighting the tasks/habits/actions that are creating who you are becoming?

It MAY be time to itemize the very daily tasks, habits, and actions that are designing who you are becoming.

Join me May 16th in this Habit Tracking Workshop where you will do exactly that!

Did you know your daily actions create who you are becoming? The actions you choose and approve within your day are writing your story. It's time to step into the driver seat, the writer seat, of your life, Beautiful Soul!

Leave here with a well rounded vision of where you are heading in life AND know exactly how you intend on making it happen. I'm so excited for you!

RSVP here for the free habit tracker downloads for this workshop. See you soon in Power!

-Melanie of MellaMind

Order the Habit Tracking | Ascension for Higher Self EBook!

Book a Higher Self Embodiment Session:

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