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Divine 33 | This Message is For You Today 👁️ Self Love Power

Hello Beautiful Soul! May this day be well for you and all!

Enjoy this video I created yesterday within my Divine 33 energy. I have begun a series of showing up to deliver divine channeled messages from The Divine. Messages the souls of the Earth may need to hear. If you have come across me now, there may be something your soul intends and is called to hear. May we align! In divine timing!

View Part Two- The Tarot Reading of the Divine 33 Energy Here

What do you feel upon observing this message? Will you be incarnating again on the same level in which you exist right now? Are you content with such existence? Same level being awareness, which begins with awareness of self. Who are YOU? WHAT are you? The dive into self knowledge leads one to the Divine, as the Divine is within! Source is Within. Universe is Within! Self Love is the Journey to it all.

That is why I am here to help the beautiful souls of the earth love themselves to the core so that they too can ascend to the highest consciousness within each existence. Self Love is the absolute key!

You deserve to be LOVED.

You deserve to be LOVED by YOU!

As a Seer, I see for you. I see so you can see. Reflections.

In this series, I open my divine channels and vessel to you. May you access Unconditional Self Love in this lifetime. Please enjoy and engage along this journey, we All are One.

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Have the BEST day! -Melanie of MellaMind

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