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777! You are READY for Unconditional Self LOVE!

Self Love is the KEY to ALL! We've been taught that it is selfish, self centered, narcissus to LOVE OURSELVES all the while being led to seek such powerful love through all OUTSIDE sources. I am here to help you claim back your individuality and take back your power, to DISCOVER your Power within so that you too can vibrate on a higher consciousness within this realm.

The great thing about loving yourself Unconditionally is that once achieved, the energy curated expands throughout every space you step your beautiful self into! You radiate and raise the spirits of those around you and it is such a beautiful exchange! To truly meet yourself so you can be a "better" human for the world, how beautiful! I am honored to guide you!🥰

Explore the Online Course: I'm a Business Branding Embodiment Coach and Mindset Mentor! A self Love and Authenticity Coach! A Healer! A Seer! Book an embodiment session or a Spiritual Entrepreneur coaching session with me and let's talk about these ACTIONS we speak of, yes?

It’s a great time to book a reading/session/meeting with me! An Embodiment, Summer Action Plan #BirthChart reading, Pluto Projection Plan, habit tracking goal session, Higher Self workshop! Brand Building Embodiment session. Use the amazing tools before you and align with ascending with me as your guide. Remember everything you desire is all within YOU!

With your Intentional work and time towards your Higher Self, 2023 is sure to be a rewarding year! Try not to forget: Everything you desire is within you. It’s all yours!

👁 @mella.mind

🧠I’m currently writing an online course (and ebook and audiobook) on Unconditional Self Love and it’s just flowing out of me, woo! LAUNCH DATE: July 7th! When I say Self Mastery, I MEAN it! All of the years of embodying self love Unapologetically has come to fruition as I get to pour it out to you all in many forms! 🥰

If you’d like to help, SHARE and engage with my media! Someone in your circle needs it I promise ☀️🤗🍃 Get outside today 🤸🏽‍♀️ Please Like, Share, and Subscribe if you enjoy my content! It helps a lot! :D

Have the BEST day!

-Melanie of MellaMind

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