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New Unconditional Self Love Podcast Episode: 18 to 50

Hello Beautiful Soul! This was recorded the same day as the first episode, Labels and Taking Things Personally. Downloads galore! What a notion to dwell on the first 18 years of our lives for the rest of the Lifetime. Imagine, at age 50, still swayable and effected by the first 18 years of life. What does this teach us? What does this teach you? Between age 18 and 50, who have you become?

[ Recorded 12.15.2020]

Lots of Passion within this episode! I just want you to LOVE YOURSELF!

The Deconditioning and Unconditional Self Love Podcast

Living authentically within my soul and WHO I am is so important and foundational in my life and representation of a soul here. It shines through in this podcast and I intend on my Light inspiring the next Light!

-Melanie of MellaMind

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