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Authentically Social

3 Steps to becoming authentically, socially, literate on Instagram


Authentically Presented by Melanie Smith

I'm a Realtor and ex bodybuilding influencer and I'd love to share my knowledge on how social media can help YOUR business grow! There are many different ways to utilize your presence online, doing so authentically is a way to retain one's peace of mind. Through my guidance, you'll be able to make social media part of your day without becoming a slave to it. With interactive classes and one on one training, you'll leave this course knowing how social media will guide you to build your business through relationships. 

I know you're ready, that's why you're here! I'm so excited for you and look forward to seeing you at the next Level One Social Media 101 as well as one on one via Level Two. 

See you soon! 

Throughout This Course, You Will Discover

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