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Women in Power: The Confidence Class January 7th

☀️ Hello Beautiful Souls! On January 7th, 2023 MellaMind welcomed the first segment of Women in Power mini series: The Confidence Class!

In this class we set on the adventure of embodying the confident, Empowered souls we Intend to Be. Recognizing the traits that make up the person you intend to become is an important first step in taking action on your “dreams”. Dreams turn to reality when there is something tangible to work towards, right?

🧠 What does Confidence mean to you? What does Confidence look like to you?

👁 Towards the end of the class @mella.mind led an embodiment meditation of our Higher Selves embodied in our imminent Confidence.

About This Experience:

This year, we step into our Power!

MellaMind Presents: Women in Power Series- Class Activations

Women in Power is a six week series of immersion into activation of Higher Self. Each week consists of mindfulness lessons, challenges, and enlightenment. Each week consists of classes of embodiment sessions one way or another. The class series is a way to experience the Women in Power break out sessions and challenges outside of the six week course which will activate in person again for six weeks beginning in April 2023.

💕Women in Power Series:

✨January 7th- The Confidence Class

✨February 4th- The Photo Ready Class

✨March 4th- The Power Language Class

✨April 1st- The Posture and Stature Class

Join the NEXT Class! February 4th, The Photo Ready Class!

Learn more about each class here:

Self love & Authenticity Events in Orange County, CA ☀️

With your Intentional work and time towards your Higher Self, 2023 is sure to be a rewarding year!

Try not to forget: Everything you desire is within you. It’s all yours!

👁 Melanie of @mella.mind


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