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Women in Power: The Photo Ready Class! Februay 4th

Step forward into this beautiful new year, and your Higher Self, as you join the Women in Power series in exercising power through the art of photography. I capture your light upon entering the enlightening activation of confidence embodiment, affirmations, mindfulness activities, group soulful discussion, soul exercises, manifestation, and gratitude. After the elation of the the activities for the day, I capture your aura and light while you are in your light. Intertwined within our time together are lessons of posture, poses, and capturing the right selfies and shot. We'll discuss and work on the curation of exuding confidence while exercising the tangible practices it takes to get there. This is all in honor of letting out and stepping into our Power! You are Ready!

I'll see you Saturday, February 4th!

What to bring: Journal, if you have an item to be photographed with, anything for your mindfulness practice, your beautiful soul!

What to wear (for photos): Anything you'd like to be photographed in! When I was asked this, I was thinking something fun, or even beautiful, that you never get to wear anywhere, wear it HERE!

I can't wait to see you in your light!

-Melanie of MellaMind


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