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Spiritual Guidance/ Mindset Meeting

During this powerful Spiritually Focused Mindset Meeting, we will be able to discover your possible limitations within your psyche that may have been unknowingly holding you back. We use spiritual practices and routines that tune the current energy of your being in order to align with your intentions for your journey. These are also check ups on your spiritual practices going forward. I serve as a mirror of your existence as you are able to see a clear picture of how you are projecting your existence within this life. As a guide to your Higher Self, I see the highest light in you, and thus the low. We note and nurture the "low" energies as we ascend to higher consistency. You are Ready!

Oftentimes a "simple" mindset shift is the key to the shift to the next version of our powerful lives! Let's uncover that here today! Or tomorrow, or sometime soon, beautiful soul!

A great way to arrive to this offering is with a question or overall pondering you would like to get to the bottom of. Otherwise, points will be drawn as the conversation presents itself. You are Ready! Thank you for trusting me in your energy as I am to trust in yours. Remember everything you desire is already within you! It is all yours!

-Melanie of MellaMind

*You may want to add Human Design to your experience!


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