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Mindful Melodies: TheLullaby Series

Wow, channeled from my heart and soul, a complete expression of my humanness through music 🥰 COMPLETELY Freestyled! Enjoy the art of my soul and be enlightened Beautiful Soul 🥰🙏🏽👁️

I am SOUL grateful and so proud to be able to release this soul project to the world. Please enjoy the channeling from my heart and soul Vessel. SIX songs that provide enlightenment, mindfulness, and motivation in this wonderful life.

Our nature lullaby! My first divinely channeled song from my heart and soul vessel. Press record and let it out! How does the heart feel?

We never made our lullaby because one’s sound was in the ground and one in the clouds. They are to meld and make a beautiful lullaby, but they never did.

May you find a Beautiful Soul whose sound aligns with yours in the sky. Just like the beautiful birds who never leave theirs out of alignment with the sky. The nature, the trees, the dance between souls. May you know and cherish your lullaby once you have it.

My Higher Self now hugs this self as we have a beautiful lullaby curating. Thank you Universe for the reminder of SURRENDER and letting go. Through this energy I have found my (our!) song.

Enjoy this divinely channeled message from my soul. Your higher self awaits!

-Melanie of MellaMind

Do you ever just want to float away instead of trying to stay?

A broken heart channels the floating away lullaby. Nothing is ever meant to be forced in this beautiful life. Allow all to come and go as you embody the understanding of Impermanence.

Float away to ascension of your Higher Self. It is time. You are ready.

-Melanie of MellaMind

[Recorded November 15, 2021]

Ahh the broken heart, the beautiful melodies to be channeled from such!

May you rise from the perceived chains that seem to be created when ascending from the attachment to another soul. It can be tough, but remember that You are the Light! You have been given this challenge to truly ascend to your Highest Self. Do your best to derive a lesson and truly RISE!

Enjoy this Mindful Melody channeled from my now healed and ascended heart. I am grateful for every battle and triumph in this life.

-Melanie of MellaMind

[Recorded December 2, 2021]

What are you doing, Beautiful Soul, to make today your LIFE?!

You said you wanted this, want to release that, what changes today that will lead you to your Higher Self?

Enjoy this Mindful Melody channeled and freestyles from my heart and soul vessel. Get out there and create your LIFE! You are ready.

-Melanie of MellaMind

[Recorded August 6, 2022]

We all SHINE in this beautiful existence as we ground ourselves in nature again and become mindfully aware of all that no longer serves our higher existence.

You are READY, Beautiful Soul! To truly accept all of the lessons in your journey so far and truly use them as a catapult to the next version of YOU! The version who settles for nothing and steps into your FULL Power!

Completely freestyled and channeled from my soul. How do the words resonate for you for this message? Gratitude exudes through me for being the vessel of this Divine melodically message for You. Enjoy every morning for an uplifting Powerful day!

Keep SHINING, Beautiful Soul! Keep Loving Yourself!

Everything you Desire is all Within You. It Is Already Yours!

-Melanie of MellaMind

[Recorded August 18, 2022]

Get to it, your soul it needs it, just get to it Beautiful Soul!

Enjoy this motivational melody channeled from my higher self, completely freestyled while making a delicious green bowl for my soul.

How does your soul feel when flowing with these words? Is there something your souls needs to get to and through in order to ascend to your Higher Self? This song always motivates me in the morning to truly empower and make the most of my day and existence.

Gratitude exudes that I am the vessel for this message. Thank you deeply for following your alignment and enjoying.

Love Yourself, Beautiful Soul!

Everything you Desire is within You! It is Already Yours.

-Melanie of MellaMind

[Recorded January 5, 2023]

Enjoy all of the series and please let me know how your soul resonates

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