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Pluto Projections Personal Reading

Have you been feeling that energy?! Have you been feeling off? Or ON?! It may be due to a transit within your natal chart that you aren't aware of. Possibly the big PLUTO transition into Aquarius which will be its home (in and out initially) for the next 19 years. (19 YEARS!) Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! So when taking into account that the planets' energies contribute to our bodily energies, the knowledge of their imprint on YOUR natal (birth) planets would deem highly important to be aware of!

(MY Pluto is currently pushing me to my HIGHEST awareness in North Node in Aquarius. In that, I am here to guide you to YOUR highest power)

A transit is the current location of each planet, within each house, and each sign, all of which hold different energies. When taking these positions into account with YOUR personal birth chart (the planets at the exact time you were born), the energies delivered and manifested currently are evident on a spectrum scale (intense energy, notable energy).

Awareness creates a great environment where you are able to manage expectations and reactions when it comes to shifts in your life, big or small. Knowing the planet, signs, house energies can deem quite powerful! Being mindful of the current planets means being mindful of your existence and energy in your life. I am here as a guide to help you understand your special imprint here in this existence.

Major shifts have happened this year and we’ll be looking closely at your Pluto placement and how it coincides with other placements in your chart, as well as how to balance and mage energies into the next 20 years. Other major aspects and transits of your chart may be mentioned.

During check out include, birth date, birth time, birth location.

20-30 Minutes via Zoom or Video sent to you. Purchase two to double your time with me.

*You may want to add Human Design to this reading as well!

I can't wait to discover what is in store with you with you, Beautiful Soul!

-Melanie of MellaMind

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