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NEW Offering! Human Design/Astrology Natal Chart Hybrid Reading

Discover the depths of your existence by diving into the knowledge and tools of Astrology and Human Design. Separately, the two are wonderful guides to understanding the human existence and how one specifically integrates with other beings, their energy imprint and “blueprint” here, as well as guidance on how to navigate in this world in many areas of life (relationships, finances, work ethic and type, Purpose in life!). Using your exact time of birth, date of birth, and location of birth, an in depth analysis using many variables within the universal charts is possible to help with the interpretation of You!

Always take what resonates and leave what does not align with you.

TOGETHER the two create a POWERFUL gateway into the large understanding of your very existence here in this Universe, what a treat! With my knowledge of the two variations of inference into the Universe, we will combine energies to create the most powerful and insightful message for you.

Whether it be the current goals you are working towards, you’re having a mental block on something, you are feeling a blockage of energy in general, a reading of this nature will help solidify many questions you may have been wanting answered. At least a nudge in the right direction or a different frame view to understand what is ahead on your journey here.

This offering is brought to you with love and energy of you succeeding and THRIVING in this existence. I, Melanie, am here to empower and enlighten as many souls as Universe allows (North Node Aquarius!). Thank you for your trust and guidance as I too guide you. Remember that everything you desire is already within you, It is all yours! I am simply a mirror, a vehicle for your message.

-Melanie of MellaMind

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