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New Self Love Calendar Downloads! With Moon Transits!

Enjoy these new Self Love Calendar Downloads! Download, print, and customize to hang on your wall and stay top of mind on the things that will enrich your life!

Never lose sight of a Full Moon or New Moon Manifesting portal again as it is here for you to remember! Set intentions during the New Moon, release what is no longer working for your Higher Purpose in the Full Moon.

Love yourself enough to put aside time to plan your Life. Live Intentionally! You will find that the habitual work it takes to devote yourself to YOU. Here are some great calendar downloads to help you stay on track!

Don't forget Gratitude! Notate gratitude in the empty space of the page throughout the month. You've got this!

Download, print, and set your intentions for your Higher Self with this Self Love calendar for February! Plan your month, notate gratitude, breathe life into each planned activity, there's purpose within it all. Do you have multiple schedules? Print multiple calendars! Don't forget to forecast your future months, download the next three months and EMBODY your LIFE!

You are Ready! It's all Yours!

-Melanie of MellaMind

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