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Ahhh Gratitude 😌🍃

I wasn’t aware of the magnitude of wealth through elatedness which daily gratitude practice brings. Enlightenment even. YEARS ago I vowed to end the focu on negativity “just for awareness”, “just to be prepared”, and set out for a life FULL of gratitude!

Wow what a horrendous day! BUT- I had a day 😌

This food I’ve spent money on is so disappointing- BUT! I’m so grateful to have food- to have Money to spend on food!

Gas is SOOO expensive WTF! - BUT! I am so grateful to HAVE a car and be able to have money to fill up that tank 🙌🏽

Every time I align my vision and present moment in gratitude, I receive MASSIVE waves of that elatedness and good karma, AND I’m so grateful for it!!

Please tell me, what are YOU grateful for today?

Everyday - when I remember- I write down FIVE things I’m grateful for the day. Try this! Try finding five NEW things to be grateful for every single day! Even the “smallest” things though the gratitude for them still weighs so much!

Your gratitude can look like this:

1. Waking up this morning

2. My mindset (I ALWAYS thank my mindset 🙌🏽)

3. Family’s health

4. Kitties’ health 😻😸

5. Fall season 🍁

When you get to the 7th day, you get to dig DEEP and really find some gratitude! No repeats 🙌🏽

Let me know how this goes?

👁 Share with a friend!

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