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🍁✨🍁Living our Fall Season Intentionally🍁✨🍁

👁MellaMind Presents 🎉

The first of the Fall Intentions series:

🍁 Fall Intentions: Grounding into the Season


It was the first day of the fall as we gathered in a beautiful park, with fellow powerful souls, to set intentions for the fall. When women get together in general it is quite powerful!

These women are committed to intentionally planning for the rest of their year in order to achieve the goals they set forth. I commend all of these beautiful souls who have committed to self love and living an intentional life!

🍁We ate baked potato soup (prepared by me 😊), we created a fall craft (as our inner child gleamed), we met new souls, watched the sun set, we had fun with tarot, we wrote down our goals AND our intentions, it was a beautiful night!

👁 As our new crafts were drying from the paint and the glue we gathered beneath the fresh burning sage as I began our meditation. A journey, a vision into the light of our higher selves we were able to travel. By envisioning, embodying who we intend to become, we commit intentional actions toward our lives. Our days, our foreseeable future. That way our dreams are tangible and not just in the air 😌🍃

I hope you’re about to commit to an intentional life where YOU design where you are going. Just remember that it’s all within you, it’s all yours!

🍁Thank you to the beautiful souls who brought their presence! I’m currently uploading the event photos and videos to my website, in the meantime, check out for the second activation of the #FallIntentions series! We’re carving pumpkins and talking creative careers, October 16th!

Thank you to Elina for a lot of the photos and videos!! 😍🙌🏽


Thank you for reading! Would you come to this event if you were near #NewportBeach California?!

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