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Full Moon & Manifestations July 13th 2022

Moon Manifesting in Newport Beach MellaMind
Moon Manifesting

What an amazing night and journey last night with fifteen determined powerful women under the full moon in Newport Beach. We joined in setting intentions and honoring gratitude into our hearts, selves, and mother earth. As the moon peaks through the horizon in a blazing orange presentation, we watch in awe in pause on the production. How beautiful, this huge moon has brought us here.

A guided meditation was led based heavily around self love, self trust, and setting intentions to put forth actions for the manifestations to come. We hugged ourselves and honored our inner child's previous wishes. We visualized our future selves having a meeting with us, in the middle of beautiful nature, about what's to come. That they trust we'll do what's necessary to achieve the vision we desire. We held space for who we previously represented, then who we're to become. Thank you! We release all of the values, beliefs, habits, and people who no longer serve our future or purpose. We jumped up and down feeling present in our bodies, then shouted our affirmations and intentions to the moon. I AM Powerful!! I AM Capable! Then we mellowed down into our seats and came back to our breaths, back to our bodies, to our home. We thanked the moon and we thanked ourselves. We are ready. You are ready.


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