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All New Offerings in My Store- Let's Connect!

I have been BUSY! Curating the best method to get my message and expertise to use as I work to help uplift my community. I have come up with 6+ New offerings that you can now book me for! Including Human Design/ Natal Chart Analysis reading for your business, tarot readings, Pluto Transit Projection Reading, Current Transits Readings, Spiritual Guidance, and Energy Mindset Meetings.

You will begin to gain in depth insight to yourself as you take the mindful time to explore these offerings with me. I am so grateful for your trust and energy. You are always safe a protected, beautiful Soul. Book a session with me soon!

I look forward to helping you ascend to your highest self! A drip of information and insight today can mean the WORLD tomorrow! I think of when I first discovered Natal Charts and then Human Design, absolutely life changing in terms of perspective! It's only natural as my design to want to help others achieve such insight! Hopefully with YOU, beautiful soul!

-Melanie of MellaMind


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