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Pre-Filled Higher Self Habit Tracker for Higher Self Ascension

Pre-Filled Higher Self Habit Tracker for Higher Self Ascension


What is the Habit Tracker? The Habit Tracker is an intentional planning tool one embodies in order to create a routine and a lifestyle of committing to the actions which will bring them closer to their higher self.


Intentional planning time paired with the Habit Tracker will forecast success for you. Knowing the 9 actions, habits, tasks that if implemented daly, weekly, monthly, will ascend your life to your higher purpose. To be in flow with your money making tasks, your soul enlightening habits, as if natural, is the ultimate goal. Embodiment sessions paired with your tracker adds an essential element to your new practice of designing and committing to a life for your higher self. 


To embody how to use this tracker and make it part of your daily practice, read the Ebook which accompanies it. Still want more guidance? Register for the Habit Tracking Purpose Embodiment Online Course! 


By the end of this book you will have a better idea of where you are going in your life path, WHY, and exactly HOW as well! Know that you don’t need to know ALL of the answers, but by setting aside time to itemize, embody, and commit to the actions you need to in order to achieve the life you desire, by design.


Download your spirituality habit tracker monthly to keep track of your ascension to your higher self. Your daily actions lead to the person you are becoming, WHO are you designing?


Embodying the type of person who commits and executes the actions you’ve deemed important to step into the powerful being you desire is a powerful tool. Take the time, close your eyes, envision yourself actually doing each action. Say it out loud, hear yourself say it, see yourself say it in the mirror. BECOME who you are designing! 


Habit tracking online course:


You are ready! I’m so excited for you!


~Melanie of MellaMind

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