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Embodiment Session (Variety)

Embodiment Session (Variety)


We'll meet, exhange energies, and get to the core aspect of what/who you intend to embody. Within meeting you and feeling your energy and hearing your intentions, I will be able to curate a meditation  and embodiment immersion in real time of what actions and vision to set forth going forward. 


You'll leave this experience feeling Aware and Empowered on what actions to take next in your lifetime. Being and open and mindful of your acts within this journey is imperetive. It's ALL within you! It's all yours!


Not sure about this type of session? Book an initial energy exhange session instead! I'd love to meet you, beautiful soul! 


Examples of an Embodiement Session:

  • "I would like to embody the powerful being I intend on becoming" 
  • "I would like to embody the being of a "good mother""
  • "I would like to embody the being of someone who gets the actions needed to succeed in my field completed in a timeley and calm manner"
  • "I wuold like to embody someone who would do something like that" *Inset that raits it would take to succeed at something you intend to succeed at. 
  • "I would like to embody Fearlessness" *Insert character trait you would like to embody
  • "I would like to embody the type of person who would react to these situations in this type of way" *Acknowledgement of a trait you desire to be equipped with in order to heighten your emotional intelligence. 


*Each session is ONE hour long with 15 minutes of beffer time, please be on time toy our embodiment experience, as you want to make the mos of every moment. 


*Please include what date and time you intend to have your embodiment sessions and I will get back to you promptly. 

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