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Daily Energy Tarot Readings (3 Cards Personal Video)

Daily Energy Tarot Readings (3 Cards Personal Video)


Daily Energy Tarot Readings (1-3 Cards Personal Video)


I am SO happy and excited to be offering this energy to you! To be in this stage of my spiritual journey of where I get to turn outward and use the power of my spirit team, guides, intuition, knowledge, energy, and power to deliver messages to the collective, to YOU, is such an uplifting and heartfelt moment for me! Thank yooou! 


I didn’t realize ALL of that strenuous work I did on my poor overlooked and under-cherished soul (inner child, ego, shadow and conscious self) would lead me to “spirituality”, astrology, and tarot! Enough about me, but thank you so SO much for considering allowing Me into your light, into your energy so that I can provide a daily reading for you. You are protected and guided, just as I am. 


The message you are about to receive is channeled directly from Universe/ Spirit/ Intuition through me as the vessel. Always take what resonates and leave what does not align with you, beautiful soul! 


You may choose a 1 card pull or 3 card pull. I will record the reading and send it to you via email once completed. Include a question if applicable to your energy today. Please allow a moment for your video arrival as I tune into the energy and prepare for your reading upon ordering. You may absolutely schedule multiple days of readings in a row. Upon ordering, you will be put on my list for the coming days as what energy to tune into for you on a given day. (Your reading will be performed on each separate day, essentially priority on my list for the next days).


Thank you so much and remember that everything your desire is already within you! It is all yours! I am simply the guide, the vehicle for the message.


-Melanie of MellaMind 


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