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Personal Natal/Birth Chart Reading

Personal Natal/Birth Chart Reading


Natal Chart Analysis Reading 

Receive a personalized overview of your birth/natal chart and gain insight on what is to come and how to prepare for the rest of the year. You’ll receive an overview of 6 of your key birth chart aspects plus what to research next on your birth chart and self exploration journey.


During check out include, birth date, birth time, birth location, reserve space now and send to Melanie before booklet is created. 


[[[ Moon Manifesting Night: Please order Natal Chart as soon as you know you want one so I can have it completed by moon night. You may also buy this separately from moon events.]]]


Your personalized book will be emailed to you the day of the Full Moon. 


*The images included are a SAMPLE, yours will be personalized to your birth chart based on the time you were born, the location you were born, and the day you were born. From there we look at the planets and positions in any given time to determine what to analyze. It's quite insightful! I can't wait to help you discover this! 

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    Add this to your cart in addition to the General Full Moon Experience. 

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