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Human Design Reading Special

Human Design Reading Special


Human Design Reading Special (5-10 Minutes)


Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life perception! Human Design is a GREAT modality and portal to SELF LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. 


Through Human Design, learning of your type, profile, authority, channels, and gates will all help you understand your energetics as a human being as well as understand the differentiation of your soul in tandem with the others. For instance, you may be a Reflector! Less than 2% of the population, surely less than 2% of the population learns and is conditioned differently. In fact, Reflectors are the MOST conditioned within our society. 


Human Design helps separate conditioning from SELF while helping you derive exactly what is within YOU, what YOU desire, and how You move forward with this knowledge and self acceptance.


You may book a 5 minute reading while I am LIVE on a social media platform or hosting an event. 

You may book a 30 minute reading going over the basics and generality of your chart. 

You may book a FULL READING going over all of the basics, your channels, your gates, and an answer to life pondering/ altering question. Let's work together in using this information to help you ascend to your Highest Self! 


Human Design readings may also be used as entrepreneurship coaching. HOW to use your energetics to achieve a life of EASE and FLOW?


Let's Discover Your Human Design!  



I can't wait to discover what is in store within you with you, Beautiful Soul! 


-Melanie of MellaMind


Upon purchasing be sure to include your exact birth time, location, and date via note or message. I will contact you with your reading soon! 

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