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Worlds Within Us

✨With a foundation rooted in society, it may be a great time to tend to the foundation of your SOUL.

There’s more to life than plugging into a job, a role, a character, a mindset. Once you’ve realized you’ve been rolling along in life with the foundation of Others, you may feel the calling to the foundation of Self.

🧠 It’s never too late to begin building a foundation for your Higher Self. It just takes attentive and intentional work, time, planning, and actions to achieve it.

🧠 Think of how long and focused the time of training and curating for society was for you. 18 years of school? Is everything you learned inherently Yours? Your beliefs? Take what resonates, leave the rest, begin to add the aspects that are YOU!

☀️I’m so excited for this process for you! It’s so essential and, though it will take time, rewarding.

You are ready!

It’s okay if you don’t know where to begin, I’m here for you! It’s all within, and with my practices, you’ll be able to unravel it all, with patience and grace.


With your Intentional work and time towards your Higher Self, 2023 is sure to be a rewarding year!

Try not to forget: Everything you desire is within you. It’s all yours!

👁 @mella.mind


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