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The Deconditioning & Unconditional Self Love Offering #1 Podcast

Hello Beautiful Soul! Some time ago I began recording my thoughts. During this time I was going through the process of Deconditioning myself from the things that no longer serve me as a soul this time around. I'll be creating a Podcast series putting together the ponderings and thoughts I have recorded over the years as I found them quite powerful listening back. I hope you feel the same! Does anything resonate with you?

In this episode I talk about the process of taking novel and integral notions Personally. "I don't identify as ______, I don't identify as __________, I don't identify as ________" I am simply a human in this body. When "trigger" words are to come up, a reaction from me is null as I am not tied to it or to the outcome of it. It is the same for people who come to me for Life Coaching guidance, I am not able to take their discomforts and life happenings personally, so I am able to advise as indeed and observing advisor.

It's an interesting stance and reflection I have noticed, taking things personally. What do you think of this?

Living authentically within my soul and WHO I am is so important and foundational in my life and representation of a soul here. It shines through in this podcast and I intend on my Light inspiring the next Light!

-Melanie of MellaMind

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