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Pisces Season Check In

☀️ How is Pisces season going for you?! 🐟💦

We’re definitely getting the water vibes over here in California! SO. Much. Rain! 💦

Emotions may be high at this time too! SO. Many. Tears! 😭

And that’s okay! Have a great cry! Personally (@mella.mind) I have been crying many many HAPPY tears as I notate Gratitude in every Avenue of my life. It’s not perfect over here but I can say that I feel so RICH with LOVE and Life Embodiment as I venture further through this beautiful life path. 😌 My transit horoscope said “you may feel alone at this time and in hermit mode”, I stopped and really thought to myself “I actually DON’T feel alone! 🥹” (Hermit mode yes hehe) But wow what a beautiful things especially having felt that way the majority of my life. I actually FEEL supported and loved 😭🥰

So thank you to those who support, reach out, send love, and good vibes to me always, as I Always intend to do the same!

👁 What about you?! What is #Pisces season SQUEEZING out of YOU?!

☀️With your Intentional work and time towards your Higher Self, 2023 is sure to be a rewarding year!

Try not to forget: Everything you desire is within you. It’s all yours!

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