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💕Our First Inner Child Galentine's Day! Art in the Park!

What a WONDERFUL day it was at our first Inner Child Galentine's Day! Art in the Park! The beautiful souls who gathered shared their Light and stories of their relationships to their Inner Child.

We connected on the foundation of Self Love and showing up for ourselves. To take a day aside for Self and really enjoy the internal benefits of true Self Love! I am so happy to curate and deliver such events, such safe spaces where women can come together, release the societal shell, and truly allow the Soul through to Play! With no judgement, no SELF judgement, and never any expectations of how YOU should show up in the world as a soul in this human experience.

So LIVE, Beautiful Soul! Make time for yourself and be sure to see the Beauty of this existence by answering to the calling of your soul.

Your intuition knows what it wants, you know what you desire, Follow it.

We still have TWO Galentine's Day events coming up! Tomorrow, February 12th, and next Sunday February 18th! We'll be in Lake Forest and beautiful Newport Beach! Will you be able to join us? We'd love to experience your Light!

See you Soon! Your Higher Self Thanks You!

-Melanie of MellaMind

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