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New Moon Intentional Circle Online

Gather Beautiful Souls, as we welcome the first New Moon of the year! Or shall I say as it welcomes US!

How wonderful it is to be energetically charged by the powerful moon every month(day!)! Setting intentions during the new moon is of the most powerful times to set intentions. The full moon is when we mark progress since intentions were set during the new moon, as well as let go of what is no longer serving us.

  • New Moon: Set Intentions for what you intend for the time being.

  • Full Moon: Note progress/ actualize manifestations, determine what needs to be shed, put forth intentions of shedding the things that no longer serve you.

Having this a monthly practice will deem very powerful in your life! If not for the awareness and consciousness of where you're going in life, if not for the amazing souls you will meet and bond with, then for great vibes and a good conversation with manifesting.

You are so ready to create the life you desire! Everything you Desire in this lifetime is Within. It is all Yours!

We will be hanging out live via my website The link will be sent to participants who have RSVPed. I, Melanie, will be leading a meditation as we enter into a sacred space of communication and light. You are safe and protected here. Please be mindful of boundaries on both ends and arrive with an open mind, and open heart, as we build this beautiful community of Intentional Souls.

**This will be monthly during the New Moon, online, at various times throughout the year. Donation based, offer what you can. Always check back through MellaMind monthly for updated information.

See you soon, Beautiful Soul!

-Melanie of MellaMind

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