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Mid Month Assessment Day!

✨ It is Mid Month Assessment Day today! It’s time to spend time with your Habit Tracker and take note of what is working and what needs a little more attention.

👁Is it time to ground yourself back into each task’s Purpose?

👁Are there any tasks that haven’t been colored in yet? Ponder and discover the reasoning as well as plan of action moving forward.

👁Are you in alignment with the tasks/habits/actions that will ascend you to your Higher Self?

🧠Learn the Embodying Purpose for Higher Self Habit Tracking Method:

✨ Begin your online habit tracking embodiment course!

Everything you Desire is YOURS!

-Melanie of MellaMind

Download the Mid Month Assessment Calendar! Each month you’ll be notified the day before and the day of the 15th to take the mindful time to assess your Life.

Book a Mid Month Embodiment Session. What energy do you intend to Embody at this time?


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