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Living Authentically, as the Humans Say

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

My biggest flex is being exactly who I say I am, not having to prove anything!

"Mel, you are SO YOOOU!!" The top comment I get from my closest souls ☺️ Yes yes, what else would I beee?! A choice of all of the humans in the world, I would still choose ME 👸🏾

🧠 An example of Another thing I was doing, simply living and aligning with what I want in this lifetime, and the humans call it “living authentically”.

👁 I didn’t realize, with my rose colored glasses on, that people WEREN’T living their authentic selves. Just copies and projections of what is expected or hoped of as a human existence. So sad!

✨It’s okay though! I’m fully embodied in answering to my calling to help RISE these souls to their higher selves, and pull the self love out of those who find it hard here to just BE.

I get to authentically be myself while coaching souls to live their authentic selves 🥹 Confused, perfectionist, logic Little Mel is so proud 🥲🥰

👁 I’d love to know what you believe your soul purpose is here.

Also I’d love to know if I have ever inspired you to Love Yourself? To be authentically YOU?! 😘🤗

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