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Happy Aquarius Season!

Welcome to Aquarius season! A powerful season of creativity, optimism, humanitarianism, community, and strength within. It is a great time to stand up for what you believe, to put forth what you intend, to believe in your own personal power in order to make WAVES forward. To believe that YOUR individual voice holds weight in this world, has a purpose, is a powerful position to be in. Aquarius energy urges us to explore the depths of the world with wonder while staying grounded within the self trust to flee.

Do you trust yourself to take off and flee in this world?

Do you Trust Yourself to Take Off and Flee?

  • I do, and am Grateful!

  • I would love to know how and would be Grateful to learn!

Aquarius is an air sign, along with other social signs Libra and Gemini, with its planetary ruler being Uranus, the planet of revolution, discovery, technology, and innovation. The energy created within these aspects create a home for powerful and forward motion in creativity and progression.

Aquarius is tied to deep connection to community, rooted in collaboration, team work, and doing what is best for the greater good. Aquarius is determined to make a powerful difference in the world. You can count on an Aquarian to speak up for anyone in need of a voice. What aspect of you feels Aquarian? What is no-question a topic you speak up about no matter what?

Aquarius is an intellectual sign that embraces originality and freedom, you’ll feel free to shine brightly in your own quirkiness and creativity.

Aquarius says: BE YOU!!

Tips for Aquarius season:

Volunteer: Get out into the community and volunteer somewhere near to your heart and soul. Think of who can benefit from your light. What can YOUR existence in the world bring to the world at this time?

Go to an event!: This is a very social time and energy as Aquarius is about community. Dive in and RSVP to some events that can lead you to the next part of your life, your next friendship, even your next soul connection!

Stand up for your Rights!: More and more community! Speak for those whose voices are not able to be heard and join a cause within your community. We’ve all learned deeply by now what Influence means within our society. Ask yourself: What cause can I positively influence my circles with in order to make a difference in the world?

Come March with us in Long Beach tomorrow!

Affirmations for this time:

I AM powerful!
I am an important voice in my community. My Voice matters.
I am a beautiful soul, grounded in who I am and those around me enjoy my Light.
The circles I exist in support my vision.
I Trust my Soul to Flee
I allow myself to flow with creativity as I stand in my strong foundation of Power.

You are SO powerful! With the energy of the the Universe aligned with Your Intention, nothing can stop you from the life you desire. Not a thing! Everything you desire is within you, it's time to harness it all and begin to use it! You are ready!

My time is open to ponder any of this with you as well as create and set up what guidance calls to your Higher Self. Through Embodiment, we find your vision, the Ultimate Goal is revealed, from there we build your Action Actualization Plan: a curation of habits and actions that, if done daily, weekly, monthly, will lead you to your Higher Self. Ask yourself if you are ready and at what point will you take the next step. That's exactly when you will know you are ready to change your life.

See you soon!

-Melanie of MellaMind

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