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Full Moon Manifesting on the Beach Tomorrow!

NIGHT Beach! Full Eclipse Moon in Virgo Manifesting

Hello Beautiful Soul! I hope you are having an amazing week! With March being SUCH a powerful month of astrological events, it is also our Actual New Year! Spring is afoot and so is the ignition of our GOALS! Of our Manifestations! TOMORROW we leave what has not been serving us and our Higher Selves BEHIND. What to let go? Exactly the first thing you thought of when you read that. It is time Beautiful Soul! AFFIRM it with other powerful souls beneath the moon tomorrow!

Let's continue to build our beautiful moon manifesting community! Women gathering beneath the moon, in light of the moon, AFFIRMING their power! ***Aspects of this event are everchanging, please completely read description before RSVPing*** One of my FAVORITE things to do is to go to the beach at night during a full moon and honor it. Honor the crashing dark waves as well as my beautiful existence in this beautiful life! Creating intentions in this energy is SO powerful! I'd love to share this experience with You! Please join me in welcoming the full moon and setting intentions for the weeks and months to come. Allow in your power that is needed to achieve such manifestations. Everything you desire in this life is within you. It's all yours! -Melanie of MellaMind We'll be affirming intentions into the universe and to each other before moving into a guided meditation by me, Melanie. This meditation will be focused on self love and SOULFUL GREAT Love manifesting! Allowing love into your heart, into your being, brings you closer to nature, earth, Our Existence. Love is within us and is one with our beings. You are safe, you are whole, and you are lovable. You Can let love into your heart again (self love too!). I can't wait to honor each and one of you with the tools and vision into your self power for you to be able to walk away confidently into the next phase of your life. I believe in YOU! You will believe in you too! Dress in WARM clothing, bring those gloves and hats, and scarves, you don't want to miss this one! *Add MellaMind Self Care Kit for the month (+$22)

  • Face Mask

  • Smudge Kit

  • Journal

  • Pen

  • Mints

  • MellaMind Sticker

  • &More! (Different every month!)

*Powerful Moon Ritual Experience: MellaMind Self Care Kit Uplifted (+$33)

  • All Above

  • Premium T HC Pre Roll

Add Moon Natal Chart Analysis booklet (11 pages) to any order: +$33 Pre Full Moon Natal Chart Analysis booklet (11 pages)(2 Moon Points) $44 Receive a personalized overview of your birth/natal chart and gain insight on what is to come and how to prepare for the rest of the year. You’ll receive an overview of 6 of your key birth chart aspects plus what to research next on your birth chart and self exploration journey. During check out include, birth date, birth time, birth location. Please order Natal Chart as soon as you know you want one so I can have it completed by moon night. You may also buy this separately from moon events. Exact location will be disclosed to confirmed RSVPs via email. Please be on time (on mat towel/mat at 6:50 if possible!) as I will not be checking my phone after 7:10. See you soon beautiful soul!

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