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Full Moon in Cancer

Welcome to the powerful energy of the Full Moon in Cancer! Home in Cancer, the full moon delivers an emotional energy surrounding your very being. Some notions to ponder: What within you has healed or need to heal? What aspects of your soul needs a little light shined on them right now? It's a great time to think about your nurturing and How you nurture yourself. How you Intend on nurturing yourself. If you feel compelled to let out a cry session, allow yourself to, free of judgment. You are One with all parts of your Being. Your ups, your downs, your emotions, your strength, your courage, your cowardice, your faults, your joys, you are ALL a beautiful and powerful composition of YOU.

Allow a free, non judgment theme emit in your life today. Take the time to journal the ponderings above as well as any feedback on the intentions you set at the new moon weeks ago, along with what you intend to release in this Full Moon.

Creating and sustaining a self care and empowerment ritual based around the energies of the moon cycles can be deemed very beneficial in your life. To be able to label the things you desire, then set forth intentions to make them happen, is so powerful. To then complete the actions it takes to achieve your intentions, WOW! You are SO powerful and so ready for the existence in your timeline where you are aware and Intentionally Living.

During this full moon in Cancer ask yourself:

  • Am I in alignment with the intentions I set a few weeks ago during the New Moon?

  • How am I taking the time to nature myself?

  • Am I gracefully open with my Emotional Expression within my body?

  • Will I gracefully hold myself as I participate and observe my self cry?

  • Do I love myself? What is something that can get me closer t self love?

Enjoy a ritual of self care activities such as stretching/yoga, breath work, a bath, moon bathing, moon circle on the beach, sage home, affirm power affirmations, embrace self in warm hug.

Tonight we howl at the wolf Moon in Cancer! We powerful souls, we powerful women affirm our intentions to the moon and let go what no longer selves our Higher Selves. We are grounded in our Divine Femininity and are open and free to heal our wounds, then to share our wounds with our fellow souls in the Full Moon energy. Join us, tonight at 7PM in Newport Beach.

See you soon, in Power!

-Melanie of MellaMind


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