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Fellow Manifestors: Inform and BE!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Hello Beautiful Souls!

I have been doing a bit of studying on the Human deign concept. I'd heard of it before and at a holiday party in December, a friend reintroduced me to the notion of Human Design. "You must be a Manifestor" she said, and so of course I wanted to know all about it now! I'm one of those people who will put off learning something new because I'm so hyper focused on something else (birth chart analysis, transits and degrees!).

The next day I looked up my Human Design chart- taking into account birth time, birth location, and time of birth- just like natal charts. It turns out that indeed I am a Manifestor. 8-9% of the population are Manifestors which is why I'm surprised that possibly three of us were in the kitchen talking about it. Though we can't really be too shocked, WE always find each other. We being matching Lights, matching energies, souls. I always meet the most amazing people just through who I put out into the world as Me.

Manifestors are those who enjoy being in charge and in control of their life. They are the only of the five types in Human Design (Generator, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor, Projector, and Reflector) who can take immediate action on what is intended. For instance, it's found that Generators must wait for the sacral pull to act, THEN act. Manifestors are here to initiate without waiting on the input of the others for approval or whatever may come from existence. Manifestors act, and act and act, but oops, they aren't telling people around them what they're doing. There's confusion to their existence, then add in the Manifestor's aura of "repelling" energy, and it's a recipe for... being misunderstood.

Manifestors are here to initiate without waiting on the input of the others for approval or whatever may come from existence.

Admittedly the Human Design phenomenon doesn't have me as enthralled as birth charts did/does, but I've recently revisited a certain aspect that keeps popping into my head: "Strategy: To inform". I confess, I do have a sort of familiar adverse reaction to such a notion: Want to happy? Inform people on your doings. What happens when you don't? "Anger". Just such simply put and stated plan of action (and non action), to my whole existence. I must be open minded though! Those adverse reactions are ALWAYS lessons and insight into the deeper meanings of our psyche and soul.

Okay, simple enough: inform. Well, I have looked within and I definitely do have an issue with "informing". I am SUCH a doer, such a "you'll see when it's done", "don't ask me about my process", type of person! I felt the urge to dig deeper and get a different perspective.

I now understand that in order to get people excited about what you are doing, they enjoy to be informed. They enjoy to be in the understanding of YOU, who and how YOU are. People cannot "get you" unless you bring them to You. With the energy of a Manifestor being "repelling", people don't know how to react or treat them. They shine to brightly, are too bold, are too surface level. Manifestors must dig deep within their being and radically ACCEPT who they are in order to thrive. In order to thrive, Manifestors must inform and share their Being, share their light so that they are understood. When they are understood Manifestors shine the brightest knowing they are living in their authenticity and are getting less/no pushback on their plans of actions.

People cannot "get you" unless you bring them to You.

Manifestors, once suppressed, must now step into their Entire Being and purpose and understand that they are not, and cannot be, like the Generators (70% of the population). They must understand that they will ALWAYS magnetize people to their energy, they will ALWAYS receive attention, thus expectations, from the other beings. The goal and the course of action is to continue to BE despite. Stand in your power, you are not swayable. Simply inform and BE!

Inform and BE.

With this awareness I shall commit to the initial discomfort of "over" sharing my intentions and push beyond the thoughts that say "they don't care" or "they're going to put their input on your project". It's okay! I am not swayable or moveable in my position of MY being, so all is well, and always has been!

I hope this perspective and interpretation helps you if you are a Manifestor.

Have you done the Human Design analysis? What type "are you"? Do you resonate with it? What sentence or interpretation helped the information sink in more for you? Comment and enlighten me!

I've made this graphic design series of "Inform & Be" to hang around my house. My North Node is Aquarius so me thriving and being is building a community and empowering them all while I BE. Also, I made these for you to download and enjoy as well! Go Be!

Have a beautiful day outside!

-Melanie of MellaMind

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