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Divine Service and Timing

✨Follow the Light to your Purpose, it’s there for a reason 💕

How can you initiate the ACTION part of your self?

HOW can you Actualize what you are working on creating for your life?

What kind of Thinking Time will you need going forward?

🧠 30 Minutes- Think about that thing you want to do

🧠 30 Minutes- Think about every step it will take to achieve that thing you want to do.

🧠1 Hour- Take the FIRST step on your Actualization Plan!

👁Track habits daily with habit tracker and Embodiment

You are Ready!

🧐Discover my eBook and Online Course: Habit Tracking: Embodying Purpose for Higher Self ✨

Book a Mindfulness, Embodiment session to actualize Your next steps to your Higher Self!


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